Telestrations is the telephone Game Sketched out by the makers of USAopoly. This game is a combination of the group game of telephone and pictionary.

Telestrations Vs Scribblish

The Telestrations game idea is not new…but the board game is. This version of the game makes playing the game a lot easier. There is one other version of the game called Scribblish-but according to customer reviews it is not nearly as good as Telestrations. Scribblish provides a small roll of paper that is tedious and will run out eventually and the game will be useless-while Telestrations provides a small erasable white board for each player.

Cost of Telestrations and Where To Purchase

The game is not sold in any large chain stores, but can be purchased online through Amazon. Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $25.00 most days of the week. This game costs approximately $20.00, so purchase one other item and you will get free super saving shipping.


Amazon Customer Reviews

“This game combines the best of Pictionery and the old game of Telephone. You pick a card that has various items listed on the card, i.e. dog, vacuum cleaner, ski slope etc. Each item is numbered, and everyone is given the item number they will have to draw on the first page of Telestration. The Telestration booklet is made up of 8 pages of a material that is easily erasable using the provided marker and cloth eraser. After doing your drawing you pass the booklet to the person to your right. On the page following your drawing, they have to write down what you have drawn; then they pass the book to the right and that person has to draw what you have written down. When the booklets have made the rounds of everyone in the game it’s time to reveal the sequence of words and drawings.”

“This game is truly made for the entire family and got me and my whole family laughing long and hard! I highly recommend it to anyone with a few friends and a desire for a good time!”

“We played this game last night during our New Year’s Eve party. We had a houseful of people, and couldn’t break this game out until late in the evening, shortly before midnight, when the crowd thinned to just those families who were going to ring in the new year with us. That’s an important point, because this game only works well with 6, 7 or 8 people, I think. You can play with fewer, but the results won’t be as fun because the chances for the gameplay to go awry are fewer (going awry = funny outcomes).”

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Telestrations the Telephone Game Sketched Out!